秋天和冬天是最好的植树时间, since they don't suffer from transplant shock as much as summer planted trees. 树 need the opportunity to grow roots before being subjected to summer heat and dryness. In this section we will attempt to outline the primary maintenance considerations for planting and growing trees.


During the first growing season, don't fertilize with high nitrogen fertilizer. Use root stimulators (monthly during growing season) or slow release organic fertilizer at half the recommended rate. During the second growing season, fertilize 3-4 times a year using a slow release fertilizer.

Never use a herbicide containing fertilizer anywhere near the tree's root system!


种一棵树,其潜力的一半从任何结构扩散开. 不要在地下设施上种植. Dig the bottom of the hole a few inches in diameter larger than the root ball. 挖洞的深度与根球的深度相同. Place the tree in the hole so the top of the soil root ball is at least at the soil line or slightly higher. 树浇水后就沉淀下来了.


"浇花,浇洞,浇洞里的花" is an effective rule of thumb when transplanting. 浇水 the new plant before removing it from its container helps the soil stick to the roots while ensuring that the root ball is well-irrigated and all the available roots have moisture. 浇水 your newly dug hole allows you to check for any drainage problems that you might need to correct, 确保周围土壤湿润, and reduces the possibility of water being wicked away from the new plant's root ball into surrounding soil. 浇水 the plant in the hole after it has been transplanted helps the root ball and surrounding soil to settle and reduces the number of air pockets.

不允许树沉降低于原来的土壤线. 用从洞中取出的同样的土填满洞. If you fill the hole with amended soil, the roots will not want to leave the hole.


选择修剪应在第一个生长季后进行. 在12月15日至2月1日期间修剪. Especially don't prune oaks from February 1 through June 1 due to oak wilt problems. A properly dug and planted tree needs no pruning except to remove broken branches and growth faults (crossing branches and downward growing).

较低的树枝应该尽可能长地留在树上. After the first year, no more than 1 whirl of limbs should be removed each year. 不建议使用修剪油漆(橡树除外).


给新栽的树浇水,直到洞被浸透. 这将使根部饱和. 水, 根据需要, for at least 18 months by placing a soaker hose around the base of the tree and slowly (several hours) saturate the area. 不依赖洒水系统来完成工作. 通常你需要在土壤干燥到4-6英寸的深度时浇水. An easy way to test soil wetness is by probing with an 18-inch piece of iron rebar. 如果钢筋是湿的或泥泞的,不要进水. 如果探头的末端干燥或潮湿,就需要浇水了. 在炎热干燥的夏天,每4-5天检查一次土壤. It is equally important that you do not over-water a native or adapted tree.

Place 覆盖物 over the area of disturbed earth, leaving a few bare inches around the trunk. 覆盖物 will help soil retain moisture while also preventing soil compacting by keeping lawnmowers, 等. 远离根区. 第一年加护根3-4次.

有关其他信息,请参阅 浇水和保护覆盖物 部分.


The following video is from the Sustainable Landscape Series from the City of Allen and covers proper tree care, 包括最好的品种, 灌溉和维护.




#10 不适应中北部德州高温的树种.

A native or adapted tree will tolerate North Central Texas' long hot summers, 冬季偶有寒冷和碱性土壤. 生长在这个国家其他地区的树木可能不会茁壮成长, 甚至生存, 这里由于这些因素. Non-adapted trees can have a very short life span, problems with insects, diseases and/or leaf drop.

#9 不适应碱性/粘性土壤.

A native or adapted tree will tolerate North Central Texas' long hot summers, 冬季偶有寒冷和碱性土壤. 生长在这个国家其他地区的树木可能不会茁壮成长, 甚至生存, 这里由于这些因素. Non-adapted trees can have a very short life span, problems with insects, diseases and/or leaf drop.

#8 运输/种植过程中树干受损.

搬动这棵树时要小心,别把树皮弄坏了. The vascular system (similar to our own veins and arteries) of a tree is directly under the bark. 因为幼树的树皮很薄,所以很容易被损坏. If the damage is severe the tree will die because it lost its ability to transport water/nutrients from the roots to the stems and leaves.

Avoid damage by transporting it in a manner that keeps the trunk bark from rubbing or hitting any surfaces in the vehicle and by carrying the tree by the container, 没有树干.

#7 用来钉树或标记树的电线从未被移除.

从树中删除所有标记. 保留标签和种植日期,作为你的记录. 除非必要,不要在树上打桩. Most trees don't require staking unless the tree is located in a windy area. Cover the staking wire that contacts the trunk or limbs with pieces of garden hose or similar material so the wire doesn't cut into the tree. 在6个月到一年的时间内拆除木桩和电线. 如果放在树上或树枝上, 铁丝可以束住树, 是什么切断了水和营养的供应.

#6 树栽得太深了.

Plant the tree so the root ball sits firmly on the bottom of the hole with the top of the root ball even with the surrounding soil or slightly higher. 重要的是你不要把树栽得太深. 从挖一个和根球一样深的洞开始. 然后挖洞的宽度至少是根球宽度的两倍. 在把树放在洞里之后, 用原来的土壤填满空隙(在移除任何岩石或碎片之后). 彻底浇水以使土壤和树木稳定. Cover the exposed earth with 6"- 8" of bark 覆盖物 right up to, but not touching, the trunk.

#5 树在购买时不健康.

选择一个健康的树. Check the tree for any splits in the bark, broken branches, insects and healthy white roots. 如果有可能在购买前检查树根, 如果树有环根,就不要买. 然而, 如果树已被购买与环绕的根, 在种植前将根部展开或切开. 新的根会在你切成圆形的根的地方生长. If left untouched, circling roots could eventually girdle the tree and strangle it.

#4 剪线机或割草机损坏树干.

A tree trunk hit by a string trimmer and/or lawn mower will lose part of the vascular system. 如果树被打得太频繁,树就会死. 在树的周围覆盖一层厚厚的树皮. 这减少了根区水分的蒸发, 缓和土壤温度, 帮助控制杂草,并使修剪机和割草机远离树干.

#3 在等待挖洞的时候,树根已经干了.

在种下这棵树之前,要给它浇水. Many a tree has over dried while it waited for the end of football/hockey/basketball season. 把树放在你想要种植它的地方. 这将有助于它适应光线和风. Most container grown trees need water every day during the heat of the summer.

#2 在高速公路上行驶时叶子脱水了.

不要用卡车运送树, 从车窗或后备箱里伸出来,没有盖住树. 用床单或类似的覆盖物盖住它. 如果没有遮盖,风会使树叶和小树枝脱水. 结果,这棵树可能会在以后掉叶子.

#1 头18个月缺水或过度浇水.

也是新种树的头号杀手.... 在最初的18个月里是缺水还是过度浇水. It usually takes at least that long for tree roots to become established and help the tree survive hot, 德克萨斯州中北部干燥的夏季. During this time, use the soil wetness test on a weekly basis to guide your watering schedule. See the watering and 覆盖物ing section regarding the use of an iron rebar probe to conduct a wetness test.

把它放在草坪上! 院子里的剪枝会污染附近的溪流.